About CheckForPhishing.com

Welcome to out CheckForPhishing.com website. CheckForPhishing.com is an initiative from the Dutch security researcher Jarno Baselier. For years Phishing has been the greatest threat for companies and individuals. From an attacker's point of view it's easy and effective and for an individual user it's hard to detect. Many companies and individuals have lost a lot of money due to (spear) phishing activities.

This must stop!

CheckForPhishing.com is created to give companies and individuals more insight and knowledge about phishing and to provide the tool(s) to check if an e-mail is indeed phishing or legit. Our tool(s) are free to use.

I hope to improve these tool(s) over time and I can use your help doing so. Are you able to develop a useful feature or are you a writer who can improve my English language (as it will not be perfect) or do you want to help us write a (few) article(s), please to not hesitate to contact us. Together we can make the world a little bit safer.

When in doubt, do a doublecheck at CheckForPhishing.com!