CheckForPhishing - Frequently Asked Questions

About the tool

Q: How can I generate an *.msg or *.eml file so I can upload it to the phishing checker?
Q: I am unable to generate an *.msg or *.eml file. How can I get the headers so I am still able to do a check.
Q: How many checks can I do on a daily basis?
A: At the moment we don't check the number of submissions. Our tool(s) can be used under "fair use" policy. Excessive users will be blocked.

About the site

Q: Is this site free to use?
A: Yes, this site and it's tools are free to use.
Q: Do you provide an API so we can connect to your service?
A: At the moment we do not provide an API.

About and Privacy

Q: Do you collect cookies and information we submit to this website?
A: Yes. We collect tracking cookies and we save the information you submit to our website (hashed / uniquely irreversible). We save this information for to improve our quality. We never sell your information to 3th party vendors. For detailed information please check our Privacy Policy.
Q: Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?
Q: Where can I find your Privacy Policy?